lørdag 21. januar 2023, 09:04

Here are some practical information.

8 teams have registered, and there will be two groups of mixed teams that play each other, teams in group A plays teams in group B. All teams are then ranked from 1 - 8, top four teams play tournament play-off, team ranked five to eight play a consolidation play off.

For full set of rules see this article:

Schedule and results will be displayed at this site.

Streaming: We plan to put up a stream at recast app.


  • Draw 1 Friday 14:00
  • Draw 2 Friday 18:00
  • Draw 4 Saturday 10:00
  • Draw 5 Saturday 14:00
  • Dinner and social Saturday 18:00
  • Semifinals Sunday 08:00
  • Finals Sunday 11:30

Meals: Dinner is included on Saturday during the social evening. Sandwiches are also included for lunch Saturday and Sunday. There will be a open kiosk during the tournament, and there is a grocery store close to the curling hall.

Event purse: 1st place. 5000,- NOK 2nd place: 3000,- NOK 3rd please: 1500,- NOK

Payment Entry fee is 3000,- NOK, must be paid in advance to the following bank account. IBAN: NO02 2095 5598 025 BIC/SWIFT adresse: SPTRNO22 Lillehammer Curlingklubb

More information: https://www.nordiccurlingtour.com/lillehammer-junior-classic

See you soon at Lillehammer! Don`t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Best regards Lillehammer Curlingklubb

Lillehammer Junior Classic