onsdag 1. februar 2023, 10:04

System of play The eight teams are divided into two groups, A and B. Teams from group A plays all teams from group B and vice versa. After ended round robin all eight teams are ranked from 1 to 8. Teams ranked 1 – 4 play the tournament play off. Teams ranked 5 – 8 play a consolidation play off.

The games will be played in eight (8) ends. There will be allowed one (1) extra end pr, game. In the event of zero points in the extra ends, the team without the hammer wins the game.

Group A:

  • Team Mosetertoppen - Lillehammer CK/NOR
  • HCC Juniors - Halden CC/NOR
  • Team Barone - Jelgave CC/LAT
  • LTU Mix Junior - LIT

Group B:

  • Team Bjørnstad - Oppdal CK/NOR
  • Team Nasjos - Lillehammer CK/NOR
  • LCK mixed juniors - Lillehammer CK/NOR
  • HCC/GCC Juniors - Hvidovre og Gentofte CC/DEN

Ranking of teams As follows. 1. Accumulated points. (2 for victory) 2. Accumulated distance from the pin in Draw Shot Challenge (See pregame practice underneath) 3. Won ends.

*Pregame practice and draw shot challenge. * Each team gets 5 minutes practice on the ice before the game. The first named team gets the first practice and red stones. The second team gets yellow stones. After five minutes is up, each team gets one draw shot to the pin, which is measured and count towards the Draw Shot Challenge. All players on the team should do one last stone draw each towords the DSC. In the event that a team only has three players one player may do two last stone draws.

The team which has the draw closest to the pin gets the hammer in the game. Please make sure that the draw is measured by an official before you remove the stone.

Lillehammer Junior Classic