08 December, 2022 18:19

Find rules and info about tournament here:

Welcome to this first edition of Sun City Cup in Karlstad, Sweden.

11 women's and 18 men's teams are competing for the title and also the Nordic Curling Tour title. You can find the rankings for this ranking on the website.

As stated in the rules on the website a registered team will only be reimbursed their entry fee if another paying team takes their spot


Open practice before tournament is scheduled from 18:00-19:00 (6pm-7pm).

Practice and LSD before game - Teams get 6 minutes of practice before each game in the group stage

  • Team first in schedule starts practicing

  • First practice starts 20 minutes before scheduled starting time (does not apply for the playoff stage)

  • All teams plays 2 LSD after their practice to decide hammer

  • The first LSD will be clockwise followed by anti-clockwise

  • The combined LSD minus the worst LSD will be used as ranking after completion of the qualifying stages

Game rules

  • There are no gameclocks but keep a good pace on your game, an umpire can come and ask you to speed up

  • The no tick free-guard zone rule is active

  • All rock measurements, whether for scoring or free guard zone purposes, are to be completed by the players. If it is determined by the players that the ice official is required, the ice official will be called in to measure, and the ice official ruling will be final.

  • Each team gets a timeout of 1 minute per game. Time starts when the coach has reached the team on the ice.

Sun City Cup 2023