Curlingresults makes it easy and fun to organise bonspiels. Spend your time on the participants, not on calculating tables and writing scorecards!

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Why choose Curlingresults?

Smart groups

Create groups and pools, add matches, and the results are calculated automatically. Should the winner of group A meet the runner-up of group C in the quarter final? The system's got it.


Let teams apply for participation, adding their club and player details. When you accept their application, the team is created in the bonspiel.


Let participants and the public follow your bonspiel live, no matter where they are. Fill inn results as they happen on the ice in a user-friendly interface.


With the functions for “match result” and “pool position”, your entire playoff can be scripted in advance. See the teams appear in their spots as soon as they qualify.


Print scorecards to be put by the ice with a single click. They look clean and professional, and of course with your logo.

Mobile friendly

While travelling to a bonspiel, people use their mobiles for information. All screens, including live results, are responsive and carefully tailored for the small screens.


Inform participants and others about your bonspiel with news bulletins. No more looking through a trove of e-mails for important info!

We know curling

Curlingresults is written by a curler, and deeply adapted to the particular needs of curling.

Help and support

Curlingresults supply e-mail support within 24 hours. There is also support in the form of tutorial videos


Your bonspiel will never be deleted, so everyone who wants to relive that sixth end upset can check the results no matter when.


Curlingresults runs on a cloud stack that makes it simple to increase the number of servers if needed. You need not worry that the server will be overloaded.

Known technology

Curlingresults runs on well-known, open source infrastructure, such as Ruby on Rails and the Twitter bootstrap. This simplifies development and makes the system more secure.