16 November, 2023 10:40

Get ready to Rumble! An open letter to all participants from the founding father of Bygdøy Broomstacking.

Curling is a sport of true sportsmanship, fair play, traditions and innovations.

Bygdøy Broomstacking aims to fullfill these ideals.

It is a real tournament with price money, groups stage & knockout playoffs, fast and curly ice, made by pro´s.
I personally hate Schenkel and when we started making Bygdøy broomstacking 7-8 years ago this was one of my prime goals. Trying to make an any four tournament that had elements of an elite competition, but still beeing a social and and fun event, building a community between clubs, players, both amateurs & elite curlers from all over the world.

Broomstacking is an old tradition in Curling, and is a term used in curling to describe a social gathering that occurs after a game or between games. The term comes from the old practice of curlers cleaning their brooms after a game by stacking them in a pile. Today, broomstacking is less about the cleaning of brooms and more about the socializing that occurs between players. After a game, the team that won traditionally buys the first round of drinks for the opposing team. The players gather in a designated area, such as a lounge or bar, to enjoy each other’s company, talk about the game, and generally have a good time. As the night goes on, the teams may take turns buying rounds or come to some other agreement. Broomstacking is an important part of curling culture and is valued as much as the game itself. Unfortunnally this traditions is slipping away. In some parts of the elite level of the sport its all about team talks, evaluation with coaches, scoring and other boring stuff. Lets have a sit down, and embrace the fellowship we are creating in this tiny but yet so beloved sport.

I truly urge all teams to take the broomstacking part as serious as the curling in our competition. If you win - Offer a round to the opposition! The later in the day - the stronger percentage : )

Bygdøy Broomstacking started with 10 teams, most locals about 8 years ago. Now we have been building up one of Norways biggest events, and traditions. This year we have 24 teams which is close to beeing ideal.

With help from the rest of the club, and especially our president, Christian, we put a lot of work, the whole year through, into making Bygdøy Broomstacking to a unique venue, almost like a festival, with great food & drinks, a comprehensive social program with games, quiz, music, Live bands, and different surprises. It takes a lot of time, and cost a lot of money, but then again, why do we run a curling club? What´s the point of it all if we are not having fun?

We truly appriciate all teams that wants to be a part of this years party, and are trying as hard we can to make everybody feel welcome! Nothing feels more empty and full of disapointment if you travel to a tournament in a other city far away, and nobody greets you a warm welcome, or have a plan for what should happen outside the ice. Curling is, and should be, a social sport!

We are really looking forward to see you all in Oslo for Bygdøy Broomstacking 23!

Lets dig in to the true spirit of curling toghether! I Can´t wait to get going.

Best regards from Kjetil, Christian and the hole staff and members of Bygdøy Curling Club

Bygdøy Broomstacking 2023

  • 24–26 November, 2023
  • UTC +01:00