onsdag 4. oktober 2023, 20:00

The rules for Norway Open Mixed Doubles 2023 are as following:

GAMES All games will be of 8 ends, minimum 4 ends. One extra end will be played if team are tied after 8 ends. The team with hammer loses if the extra end goes blank.

RANKING The following criteria will be used to rank the teams at the completion of group stage: 1) The win/loss record (1 win = 1 point). 2) The record of the games between the tied teams. 3) Draw Shot Challenge (DSC) – total distance of all the individual LSDs which were delivered by a team during the group stage.

FINALS The 3 group winners are ranked 1-2-3 for the quarter finals. The three teams in second are ranked 4-5-6. Third place from all groups are ranked 7-8-9. 7th and 8th place goes to the quarter finals. This is decided by the total DSC.

PRE-GAME Teams listed first in the schedule for the group games play the stones with red colored handles, teams listed second play the stones with yellow colored handles. Both players from each team does one practice shot each, then one shot that will be measured (DSC). We draw as follows: Before game one: Female player. After game one: Male player. After game two: Female player. After game three: Male player. Red team goes clockwise, yellow team goes counter-clockwise. Teams listed first goes first.

These draws also decide hammer. In the quarter finals ranking from group stage decide hammer. Hammer in rest of the playoff games is decided by drawing again, this time by player of choice.

GAME TIMING No clock will be used, but the officials will follow time usage closely.

TEAM TIME-OUTS Each team may call one 60-second time-out during each game and one 60-second time-out in each extra end.

Otherwise, standard WCF RULES are applied.

PRIZE MONEY is not yet set. Depends on how many teams are playing.

Norway Open MD 2023

  • Stange curlinghall
  • 13.–15. oktober 2023
  • UTC +01:00