torsdag 25. oktober 2018, 11:46

Norway open 2018 rules.

All games are 8 ends. Extra end if a draw after 8 ends. Before every match both players of the team moves two stones over to the other end and both players perform a draw , on a signal, for the button on the return stone. The best of those two stones count in the Hammer "competetion" All theese "draw" stones count in the DSC competition.

Important rules to remember in Mixed Doubles Curling:

The first take-out is allowed with the fourth stone played in each end Before that, teams are not allowed to hit either their opponents or their own stones out of play If an end is blanked (neither team scores), the team that delivered the first stone in that end shall have the decision on placement in the next end Teams have 22 minutes of thinking time each Games are 8 ends long, with an extra end played to break ties

Please play without delay.

The new addition for 2016 is ’Power Play’. This means that both teams have the right to use a ’Power Play’ once in every game, in an end where they have last stone advantage.

Otherwize the WCF rules applies.

GOOD CURLING and have a safe travle to/from Stange Curlighall.

Norway Open MD 2018