torsdag 28. juli 2022, 12:34

Radisson Blu Park Hotel; Fornebuparken, Lysaker.


The players hotel is Radisson Blu Park Hotel; Fornebuparken, Lysaker. You make hotel reservations yourself at the site Select calendar October and click on Check-in and Check-out date in sequence and select number and type of rooms. On Special rates you select Promotional code, type CURLING and Check Availability. If there are no rooms available you contact me at or +47 922 45 135. You can also call at the hotel at telephone no. +47 23 29 35 44 with above reference.

Single room     750,-   NOK
Twin room   850,-   NOK
Triple room 1.150,- NOK
All rates including breakfast

You find information about the hotel at


Practice Will be available at Thursday evening.

Arrivals Some teams will have their first games on Friday 09:00 You should plan for arrivals at Thursday.

Departures presentation of prices are scheduled for Sunday 16:15 Total transportation time to Oslo International Airport Gardermoen is 1 hour


  • Snarøya Curlinghall
  • 28.–30. oktober 2022
  • UTC +01:00