22 November, 2022 23:19

Here you can find the tournament rules


  • Each game is played over 6 ends

  • To decide who gets the hammer in the first end one practice stone, and then draw to the button.. If no one is in the house, spin the stone to decide.

  • The team first on the scorecards plays with dark colours.

  • The curlers measures stones themselves for any stones in dispute.

  • The winning team buys the losing team a drink

  • If extra end, we will use "The Roffe Method" which means you play a extra end with only four stones. The team that should have the hammer in the extra end, get to choose if they want to play stone 1 and 4, or stone 2 and 3. Then you play as «normal» with your team, you can choose free who sends the stones. If its a blank end after the extra end the team without the hammer wins.

  • 3 points for winning a group game / 2 points for a win with the "Roffe Method" / 1 point loosing on Roffe method

  • Number 1 in the groups will be seeded according to total score / results 1-8 and will go straight to the 1/8 finals. (Wins/ Points / Stone score )

  • Number 2 and number 3 in the groups will go to the playoffs (1/16 to qualify for 1/8)

  • Number 4 in each group have finished their games and get to party hard!

  • Quarterfinals - Semis and Finals will all be played at Bygdøy Curling Club on Sunday.

  • PRICE MONEY 1.place 10.000 NOK - 2.place 6000 NOK - 3.Place 4000 NOK - 4th Place

  • NB: Our Schedule is quite tight, so make sure to be ready minimum 15 minutes before the games scheduled. If possible we will like to start the games as soon as possible if the sheet is free, the ice and the teams are ready. If a team is not on place in time they will loose the first end by two points.

Bygdøy Broomstacking 2022